Even though the BraziliansClub.com classified platform is constantly and seriously working to fight against insecurity and improve the safety of its users, it's your duty as a buyer to thoroughly check the goods or products that you want to buy and also make reasonable safety verifications regarding the seller. It is also your duty to ensure your payment safety. Always make payments after confirming and receiving items from sellers. BraziliansClub.com shouldn't be held responsible for money or items lost during buyer and seller transactions.

Sellers on the other hand should work to protect their goods. Another safety tip for sellers is to maintain open-place transactions, especially ensuring that transactions occur in a security-tight environment. Sellers should also ensure that their buyer pays them as soon as they deliver the goods to their buyers. BraziliansClub.com shouldn't be held responsible if anything goes wrong on the side of sellers.

Members should also be aware that the BraziliansClub.com administrator has no control over the authenticity, existence, quality, and even the legality of the published goods by users and so shouldn't be held responsible for buyers' or sellers' misfortune. Our conclusive disclaimer page indicates that you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your safety as a BraziliansClub buyer or a seller.