(1) How do I become eligible to buy or sell on BraziliansClub?

Your buying and selling eligibility comes immediately after successful account registration and email confirmation.


(2) I'm not Brazilian, can I still register an account?

Yes, you can still take advantage of the platform's location-based automatic provisioning services to buy or sell to people around you regardless of your location in the world.


(3) How do I sell on the platform?

To sell on the platform, first register and login to your account, click on the 3 dot icon located on the upper right-hand side. Click on the add a new listing option, fill in the required listing information, and also upload the pictures of the item. Finally, click on the publish item option to publish your listing. That's all.

Wait for calls and emails if you choose to also interact with customers via email.


(4) How do I buy from sellers

While on the homepage, locate the search bar and type the item you want to buy, click to review one, two, or more products from different sellers, and make comparisons in terms of price, seller feedback, product descriptions, and more. Make conclusions regarding the seller to buy from and contact the seller. You can negotiate on the last price and the safe place to meet with the seller, meet him or her face to face, and confirm the item before making payment to the seller.

How do I contact the Support Team?

You may want to contact BraziliansClub management for help purposes or to make a complaint. Kindly contact the management at admin@braziliansclub.com.


(5) How to report suspicious activities to management?

To report suspicious activities, also reach out to the management using the provided email address. (admin@braziliansclub.com)


(6) Do you have a physical store?

No, we don't have a physical store, we only operate and run the website online.


(7) Should I pay before or after getting the goods I want to buy?

It all depends on the discussion and arrangements you had with the seller. However, we strongly recommend face-to-face product confirmation and payment to ensure the safety of both buyer and seller.


(8) Can I buy or sell outside of my country of origin or residential country?

Yes, you can. It is left for the two people involved to discuss the means of payment and delivery. It can work if the discussed payment and delivery option is safe and convenient for both the buyer and seller.


(9) I have posted my advert but I can't find it on my account page, why?

Don't worry, your newly listed advert should be undergoing product review from the management. You will receive an email advert approval notification after the review.


(10) What if I decided to close my account?

In the same way you have the right to open or register a personal account, in the same way, you also have account closure or termination rights at anytime.