Privacy Policy  Privacy Policy includes, 

(1) The information we collect from registered members classifieds platform collects information from members during and in some cases also after registration. We collect information like user name, user email address, and user phone contact details. Users' live location is also essential and we encourage members to always enable their location service to help us improve our services to members.

(2) How we handle the collected information

How we handle the information that we collect from users is dependent on the information involved. For instance, a user name is used to identify and differentiate members for a better experience. Emails and phone numbers of users are used as a contact means for reaching out to either a buyer or a seller to further or initiate sales of goods and services.

(3) Legal ways we may share the collected information

This is to notify you that things might come up that may warrant us to share your information, especially in the cases of recorded scams or fraud. We may share your information with the legal authorities for further investigations and resolving disputes between members. To avoid this scenario from happening to your account, please always stay genuine and keep away from any form of scam and fraud. We may also share users' phone details with the network provider for further assistance to the applicable authorities. We may also share your information with some third parties we work with. But this is not in any way related to fraud control but a great way to improve our services in order to serve you better.

(4) Members' right to our privacy policy.

Members have the full right to list their product on the platform and they also have the price control right but in a legitimate manner. You have the right to name or update your quote on the platform. There will be no change in price at the transacting scene.

Members also have the right to terminate or request the termination of their account for any reason best known to them.

Also, members have the right to make a choice of goods or buyers to purchase from as we don't impose sellers on buyers.

(5) right to privacy policy.

This is to notify members whether intending or active members that reserves the right to change their terms of use and privacy policy at any time.

We also reserve the right to terminate members' accounts if we find out that their account violates one, two, or more of our terms of use. We insist that users also read terms of use before concluding whether to register an account or not.

Coming to Ad listing and publishing on the platform, the management reserves the right not to publish or to cancel already published advert listing in the case of violation of our terms of use or another breach of our services.